The Consulting Motorcycle Detective

Something I threw together after watching PBS…

Sherlock Holmes continues to fascinate millions, despite the repetitive retellings. Something tells me he didn’t believe in big government. Anyway, what would he be able to tell about you from your ride using his special brand detailed observation…


Tires just less than full inflated-
Birthday cards sent quite belated.
Headlight smeared, bug residue;
Details left for others do.

Polished chrome bright all-round,
Appearance more than substance found-
Shiny seat, but oil drips low,
Rider;  till he needs a tow.

Carbon black in pipes of steel-
Acceleration is quite his deal.
Tank is always full of fuel;
Worry first; his basic rule.

Smell of wax from front to back,
Investor mind, pick stocks his knack.
Toolkit case below the bars-
Deception’s ride beneath the stars.


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One Response to “The Consulting Motorcycle Detective”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    excellent: concept and product.

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