Buy This Motorcycle

Millions of used motorcycles are sold each year in on-line and print media.
There is drama in every transaction.


Showroom condition, never laid down,
Neither chip nor scratch to bring a sharp frown.
Chrome glistens brightly up front and the rear,
Price basis higher, emotions to steer.

The seat, special leather-
from animals rare;
Built on a Thursday, by people who care.
Upgrades are listed , and so many more!
Numerous dollars to get this fast boar.

Celebrities swoon at your feet on this ride;
Middle age crisis, relax as you thrive!
Just twenty thousand, I know that is high-
The invoice I paid, it still makes me cry.

My family, it suffered; nights all alone,
As onward I rode it, past towers of phone-
But mileage is low, for this model year-
Peace in my dwelling when sold;
Title clear.


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One Response to “Buy This Motorcycle”

  1. Steve Hunter Says:

    Poem had renegade at the end. In a1970 something easy rider magazine. Started. Jam i may. 110 each day. Take my life in a traffic slide.splitting lanes till I no longer have hide. My scoot has nothing it can say I control it it goes my way. Do up some shit and radically putt until in a box my body is shut…. I clipped the poem but lost it years ago. Would like to get it back in it’s entirement.

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