A Quiet Start

Spring weekends are great times to ride in South Texas. But being boisterous at five o”clock in the morning doesn’t endear you to your neighbors. Need to leave the neighborhood discreetly! BTW, if you don’t know – mockingbirds sing other birds songs; and some can sing for hours on end… seems like hours anyway.


Freedom’s breeze demands an early rise,

Before the mockingbird’s melodious lies-

Segmented door retracts above with squeeks;

Ease out the wheels, check floor for oily leaks.

Close up the house with care; inside she sleeps.


V-twin grumbles greeting cloudy dawn,

upon return, quick mow and trim this rowdy lawn.

But now, slowly creep down lonely street;

Careful shift to roll on hard concrete-

and in the mirror reflects my home, wherein she sleeps.


Few RPMs to hide, my V-twin’s decibles contained,

time awaits the road of horsepower unrestrained;

but now I sneak past houses dark within-

To un-disturb the dreaming and their kin,

Behind in darkness she sleeps on-

The road ahead is clear; tis then I grin.


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One Response to “A Quiet Start”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    Never mind neighbor’s early start-ups this time of year ..sort of envy the experience

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