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Rockers in Red

June 4, 2012

This is another of my plagiarized poems; in about 1991 Lorrie Morgan first sang her song ‘Something in Red’. I’ve used her idea of colors and Rhyme to look for motorcycles. If you don’t know, Rockers and Road Glides are Harley’s, a Beemer is a BMW, a Hammer is made by Victory, and a GoldWing is a Honda. Enjoy…


I’m looking for Rockers in Red-
price tag not shocking, more payments I dread
chrome steel wheels and rake out to there;
Accelerate fiercely and hold on with care,
Pipes very noisy the neighbors have said…

I’m looking for Rockers in Red.
(mentally insert sweeping vistas of background orchestra)

I’m looking for Beemers in Green-
quickly to motor along to each scene.
Envy it comes in the color of jade
Many more dollars and it will be paid
The LowJack recovers when it can’t be seen…

I’m looking for Beemers in green-
(insert more majestic music)

I’m looking for Hammers in White-
Out-running troopers is such a delight;
Rain gear to wear if it’s no longer fair,
should I don a helmet or rag on my hair?
don’t crowd me while driving my lane is my right-

I’m looking for Hammers in White
( you know what to do )

I’m looking for GoldWings of Blue-
Not for a used one, it’s got to be new.
Lights all around with the stereo sound,
Roll on the throttle if it can be found-
Toggles and buttons there are not a few!

I’m looking for GoldWings in Blue.
( do it again but even more sweepingly )

I’m looking for Road Glides in black
of beefy horsepower it surely won’t lack;
the fairing protects me from bottles that fly-
and two lights are forward to make others shy.
my friends who ride with me they cut me no slack-

I’m looking at this one,

I’ve got to have that one-

I’m still undecided-, stop back.