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Apocalypse Deluxe

July 27, 2012

Just noticed I hadn’t posted anything for July…
Many folks are concerned about the end of civilization this year. Solar flares, planet Nibiru, magnetic pole shift, asteroid impact and other catastrophic events. Since December 21, 2012 falls on a Friday – I figure I’ll hop on a leftover Harley Deluxe and cruise the open road. You don’t need to worry if you understand Psalm 23. I may even post a “New Yorker” style apocalypse riding poem soon!


Fear and loathing, time to prepare!

Rose-white Deluxe is tough to scare.

Most hide low, highways clear;

Accelerate in second gear.


December twenty-first arrived,

Panic packed and not contrived.

Speedometer, it mocks my idle stance;

Whitewalls rolling silver laces dance.


Tomorrow dawns another day,

Riders scoff at yesterday-

Twenty-two and skies are blue!

Cruising on towards Bar-B-Q.