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Road Glide Haiku #2

August 28, 2012

This is Road Glide Haiku #2 because I can’t remember if I wrote a #1-. As most of you know, my humorous poems aren’t that funny; and this is another one. I really like the Harley Road Glide and would get one if I could figure out how to pay for it…


Road Glides cool but cost!

Just three types of Harley guys-

Good at math or lost.


Motorcycle School Prime Minister

August 19, 2012

Motorcycle Training Centers provide novice motorcycle riders a safe place to learn to ride. There is a flat area of asphalt or concrete with obstructions removed, painted pathways to practice the basic skill sets of riding, and training motorcycles just the right size for learners. Here’s to the folks that keep those places running smooth-

Schedules squeeze on hours and days,
Another class of riding frights-
But is there gas to share in tanks?
two more days and sleepless nights

Bikes aren’t new but clean and whole,
Each ridden hard through curves around;
Little engines sprite with soul,
Towards graduation each is bound.

Oil is checked and brakes are fine,
More forms we need to note the good-
Parents bring their youth and sign,
Weather check for rain – it could..

Time to ride and all in place,
With special care pump up each tire.
Anticipation on each face-
Adjust we must the clutching wire.