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An Absolute Zero

September 17, 2012

Perfect riding scores on the Motorcycle Basic Rider Course are zeros. It’s like golf; low scores are better. Mostly the perfect scores are a matter of luck. A few are Absolute Zeros.


Arrive on time with confidence, it seems;
Thoughts of her, no worries in his dreams-
road rules and controls, he’s mastered all,
Attention span is strained; a pool hall.

Dismounting from his ride the pipes they gleam,
Quiet now the pistons rest their scream-
Takes a seat in class amongst the new,
His questions of the course, a very few.

While others halt and stall upon concrete,
He smoothly glides and turns aplomb replete-
Each maneuver challenges, but not for him;
Quietly perfection sings it’s hymn.

Evaluation time the second day,
classmates fret about their scores; dismayed
Authority his ride, delivers absolute-
Perfect marks; and girlfriend quite cute.


Bright Rider Ballad

September 10, 2012

Some riding cultures have a dark aspect. But black clothes, jackets, and other accessories make you hard to see at night; and even in the daytime. I prefer the brighter side of riding for several reasons.


Dull helmet on a blacked out steed,

accelerating loudly,

inky jackets boast their deeds,

Pounding on, so proudly.


Others cruise on bikes that gleam,

cheerful blooms within the traffic beat.

Flashing bright the sunlight beam-

Gloves of white defeat the heat.


Safety is its own reward,

See and avoid is true!

Brightly gleam a cheery chord-

Reflecting prism hues.