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V-Twin Cafe

October 2, 2012

Biker bars are NOT my thing, and going to Starbucks is just OK. I wish there was a motorcycle themed cafe where one could watch Crome roast in the sun. I’d call it the V-Twin Cafe.

Uninspired experience, no destination true,
Same old places ill defined, industrial their crew.
Agonized the hours and miles, indecision mind-
To stop along the road of ride; V-twin Cafe to find.

Parking slots of custom width just right,
Broad glass of vistas filled with chrome; quite bright-
Refreshing rest and menus minus burger blight,
No alcohol to mar old friendships past daylight.

Along the walls momentoes silently proclaim,
The glories of past rides; and riders’ fame.
From carburators, spokes and seats of spring,
Fuel injected horses strain; acceleration sings.

Watch along your route today for clues-
A new establishment; inviting riders old and new.
Relax as others tell their tales of harrowing surprise,
Of pistons, gears and democrats; conspiring demise.