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November 30, 2012

All true motorcyclists appreciate gauges. They can be almost anywhere on a motorcycle, but are usually on the handlebars. Modern gauges are driven by computers using sensor data. Democrats don’t like gauges because they are usually honest and they don’t factor in whether or not you are ENTITLED to a good ride

Along life’s road of riding bliss,
fluids, pressures you won’t miss-
When gauges plenty are on hand;
to indicate performance bands.

Gasoline makes us cruise fast,
but quantity; will it last?
It flows from tanks with fancy paint,
my gauge will know when full; it ain’t.

On oil slippery, pistons slide;
pressure low will stop our ride.
Oil gauge to tell all’s well-
Sits on tank, it just looks swell.

So always know and never guess!
Voltages are more or less.
With fancy chrome or backlit bright;
More gauges are supremely right.


Unlike Rider

November 12, 2012

Riding motorcycles is what I call a ‘real’ experience. George Will described Facebook as an ’emotional footlocker’. I’ll trade online time for riding time any day.


Mousing through the cheerful haze,
or pistons hot- revving phase.
Wistful quests within the cloud,
I suggest exhaust pipes loud.

Surrender all your data blind-
Providers own transactions’ grind-
Rain impacts my face shield clear,
No strings to bind my dollars dear.

Unknown minds control your fate,
Of Facebook I do hesitate!
Liking you without those clicks-
When gasoline with air doth mix.