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The Sign Ignored

December 2, 2012

I’m sorry for publishing so many poems in a short time span. It must be Alzheimer’s.

There is a sign. It conveys a message. Sometimes the message is not well received. It’s often ignored. Will you heed its call? Maybe when gas prices hit $6… ?


Forlorn sign hangs strictly laced;

Eyeholes brass,  in fence well placed.

Words in red are seen at night-

but only when the lightning’s bright.


The message understood; but few will heed,

Juxtaposed to traffic’s irritated speed-

Quietly proclaims commitment’s call;

The message on blind eyes of masses falls.


It does not shy from sun or wind or dust;

There is some stain from brownish fencing rust.

A message bold for some, a bit of fear-

The letters beckon all both far and near,

on white fabric; ‘Motorcycle Classes Here’.


Cats Don’t Cruise

December 1, 2012

Recently, it has been reported by the Internetzi that cats, yes, you read right – CATS rule the internet. I think what they mean is that cat videos on video services are very popular. However, cats don’t ride. I like cats and find them entertaining; but they don’t ride – period.


Fifth gear cruise past base beat louds,

surf the net through data clouds.

Looks from cats that can amuse…

Rest assured, them cats don’t cruise


Dogs will ride with tongues that flap,

Parakeets can ride with rap-

teddy bear in breeze won’t bruise!

but kitty kat too bored to cruise.


Share them cats on networks fast-

Entertain the masses now and last.

But cats on twins are just a ruse-

cause felines never paws to cruise.