New Years Wet

This will probably be a lousy post. I’m almost forcing myself to write it- It’s New Years today; Jan 1, 2013. (Notice I didn’t use an exclamation point). It’s also raining; but I decided just to defy the rain and go out early for a ride. It wasn’t cold or uncomfortable, it was just wet. Riding a motorcycle when it is wet requires attention and careful turns. It also requires slow accelerations ( in both directions ). So much for the intro- if you are not familiar with the four horsemen, read Revelation Chapter 6


Unruly molecules of slick hold tight,

to paths of bitumen and esters white-

Now gentle are the revs of engine chrome;

To safely gain my goal of wasteful roam.


Hungover are the hoards of New Year’s fest-

As fitful flash and bangs disturbed their rest.

The newest day of ’13 has arrived!

With feds who sparkle budgets just contrived.


Yet in the mist of gloom before the sun,

On steel wheels and chrome I seek some fun-

With care negotiate the slimy, wily wet;

Black Horseman rising is a growing threat.


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One Response to “New Years Wet”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    Storms here, too. Ominous start.
    Watch out for those wet streets – pretty tricky with drivers with marginal attention. (this is not a commentary on the country…or is it…up to you)
    May lots of smiles and great adventures find you in the new year

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