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Bagger Blues

February 25, 2013

Baggers are motorcycles with large storage bins or ‘bags’ on each side of the rear wheel. Not everyone likes them or wants them. But they are very handy if you want to keep tools or other stuff with you when you ride. Especially snacks. Baggers sometimes have a long, lowish look called ‘slammed’. Baggers are usually constructed from the touring motorcycle class frames. The older you get the higher the probability you’ll end up on a bagger.


Sleek machines with chrome so bright,

slip through the wind by V-Twin might.

But tiny pouches clip my style;

Back pack sore; another mile-

Got them ‘no haul’ bagger blues….


A ride that’s slammed, my crystal ball.

Gives room for snacks and tools quite small-

Balanced bags for silvered manes!

Relief from stabbing shoulder pains-

Got them ‘no haul’ bagger blues…


Absent bags on bikes for streets,

seldom seen with chopper fleets.

Yet bags allure for all your stuff;

Computers, covers, toys with fluff-

Got them ‘no haul’ bagger blues


Ninth Day Rider

February 8, 2013

With apologies to the memory of Paul Harvey


Eight sunsets faded starry black,
Yet one thing more creation lacks.
Roar and fury; V-twin style,
so on the ninth, absent guile-
God made His rider

A man who beats the rising sun,
Race empty streets for simple fun;
Checking tires and fluids show,
Each ride to work is stop and go-
As God made his rider

Patiently he waits with friends,
All night, a motor to attend-
Hours lost in fruitless stress;
Ride frantic for her birthday dress,
Cause God made a rider

On Sabbath days as glory shines,
Pavement low escapes its lines.
Rising praise for joyous hours;
Lifting eyes towards Heaven’s powers-
For simply this; God made a rider