Ninth Day Rider

With apologies to the memory of Paul Harvey


Eight sunsets faded starry black,
Yet one thing more creation lacks.
Roar and fury; V-twin style,
so on the ninth, absent guile-
God made His rider

A man who beats the rising sun,
Race empty streets for simple fun;
Checking tires and fluids show,
Each ride to work is stop and go-
As God made his rider

Patiently he waits with friends,
All night, a motor to attend-
Hours lost in fruitless stress;
Ride frantic for her birthday dress,
Cause God made a rider

On Sabbath days as glory shines,
Pavement low escapes its lines.
Rising praise for joyous hours;
Lifting eyes towards Heaven’s powers-
For simply this; God made a rider


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2 Responses to “Ninth Day Rider”

  1. Elaine Teso (@Piperellie) Says:

    Very nicely done. Way to weave the lines.

  2. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    Beautiful. So much said in so few words.

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