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Rush Hour Rider

May 17, 2013

I guess it’s about time I post another composition. You know, this one probably isn’t as good as some of my previous musings… so take a look at a couple of them NOW! Right Now-

Oh, and buy the way; have you spoken to your neighbor about this blog? You know he needs to read it because of the way he doesn’t ride motorcycles. Or maybe it’s the way he votes…?

Getting around in rush hour on a motorcycle can be perilous. You must have good SA ( Situational Awareness ) and an even temper. Congestion on our motorways is more like it is today than it ever has been before.


Late, asleep or caffeine stoked,

Deftly turn from bonger’s toked-

Kiddies prepped; yellow bus distain;

flashing lights, their speed restrain.


Stop and go; a slight repose,

from handy men with trailers towed-

vague memories of open road,

brake hard! ahead an overload.


She turns left! reflector’s stripes-

despite all training, horns and gripes…

Threats to riders everywhere,

Welcome to the rush and scare.



Motorcycle Math

May 7, 2013

First, don’t just read this poem. Browse a few of my older postings. Some of these compositions took me almost 10 minutes to write…

When you ride a motorcycle you are constantly using mathematics to, well, let’s just say ‘figure stuff’. Always remember 7 out of 5 bikers are good at math.


Price tag says ten thousand dollars,
Harley shares, use put-call collars.
Forty eight of months is due-
Two ‘oh eight plus interest slew.

Three fifty eight a gallon now,
One eighty miles this bike will plough.
Insurance rates to drain my stash-
The wife demands her weekly cash.

Numbers take me for a cruise;
Of torque my wheels for spin, do use;
At fifty five the m-p-g,
Makes bureaucrats exhaust with glee!

Maintenance expenses climb;
Constraints prioritize shop time.
Dizzying formulas do compose-
A ride; no fractals can enclose.