Mosquito Motoring Updated

I couldn’t get my iPad to make the changes I needed to the previous post. So here is an updated version of Mosquito Motoring. it isn’t better; just longer. Please remember that you need to read all of my poems as the NSA is keeping track…


Each week the headlight peppered black,

forward progress; beetle whack-

Visor smudge a yellow brown

Bug residue my helmet crown.


Wash and scrub, use elbow grease

Lacewing wings from chrome release!

Swift seventy grasshopper  smash

Hits your face with force; whiplash!


V-twin roars from stop sign red;

snorkel’s air through filter’s head.

Sudden cough from airflow slight-

Bumble bee blocks throttle might.


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One Response to “Mosquito Motoring Updated”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    Even more zoom with this version….and not point in using the TOR browser…just make the NSA crankier

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