Service Manual Poem

Pithy title eh-

Every motorcyclist should own a service manual for his or her particular ride.
In the servicing sections, it reminds you of what to service, what materials to use in servicing, and when to service
In systems sections it gives details on motorcycle hardware disassembly and reassembly.
Service manuals are also great late night sleep aids!


Precious pages knowledge rich,
Secrets of transmission glitch-
When to change brake fluid slime;
Voltage good in battery brine.

Stop and go turns oil quite black,
Brake pads set with proper slack.
Foot pound numbers nut secure
Hazy memories get un-blurred.

Clutch pull carpel-tunnel prone,
A pouch not there for your iPhone.
Lumens weak and out of aim,
Described within most clear and plain.

So if you need to fix your ride-
In the Feds do not confide!
Turn to pages scribed for you-
Riding confidence renewed.


One Response to “Service Manual Poem”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    So I assume you are using the print version not downloading.
    May the weekend be clear cool and dry

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