Fob Musings

First, are you taking time to read one of these poems everyday? No? Well I can hardly blame you…

The Magic Fob

Years ago when the earth was still cooling, a ‘fob’ was a small metal emblem attached to pocket watches. Today they are electronic and used to allow your motorcycle to start. Fobs are cool and quick, just don’t leave them next to a cell phone or other magnet based devices.


Fob so small and curvy smart-
Won’t you once again please start;
Electric process which begins,
Hot combustion pistons in.

Proximity you signal now,
Relaxes cutout quick somehow!
Flashes lights and signals small-
Warning teenage vandals all-

Pants pocket or cordura vest,
Hiding out of sight- request,
Acceleration while I roll;
Release the horses you control.


2 Responses to “Fob Musings”

  1. sarah Says:

    I love your poems!! What kind of motorcycle do you ride?

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