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Magnetic Alignment Cruiser

January 6, 2014

There’s been a lot of news lately about animals with magnetic sensitivity. Some of them probably do have it; but the stories are fishy. It got me thinking that maybe when I ride or work on my motorcycle, I should magnetically align for improved results!


Compass points up to the north,
Quarts of oil; a third or fourth?
Robins sense magnetic fields-
South for fuel? High octane yields!

Turtle wax for tins is best,
But should I point the frame out west?
Dogs align for number two;
Do the same for brake pads new?

Fish swim back; magnetic force,
Roadway heading- change my course.
Now they claim the poles will flop-
Adjust my valves with nut at top.


Thankful Haters’ Patio

January 3, 2014

It’s a new year the Good Lord has given us. We need to be thankful for what we we have today. However, motorcyclists notice when another rider has a newer and better ride. We hate those guys!! :)) The last line is my attempt at irony…


A cafe near an interstate,
Exit towards the western gate-
Patio is wide and clean;
Riders congregate to dream.

Motorcycle cruises warm,
Fair breezes block approaching storms.
Hearts are glad with empty plate,
There goes one! Those guys we hate.

Our humble rides of colors plain
Fancier would wallets drain-
But those guys cruise without a care;
New steeds of chrome; with power to spare.

Engines large to pass us by-
Fancy bags that make us cry.
Extra lights that flash and bait;
Smug riders that we love to hate.

Obvious ‘inheritor’!
Those payments- we are way too poor.
Matching clothes with gilded trim;
Full audio with custom rims.

Dejected we; they ride on by
Without salute; ‘too cool’ we cry!
Sulking towards our rides for home-
Suffer with this 103; I roam.