Sparkie Rider

Motorcycle news has been full of electric motorcycle products for many months. Harley-Davidson was the latest to showcase an electric ride. Now personally, I’m all for improving technology, but when limited range is combined with hours and hours of recharging… Well, didn’t we visit this issue back in the 1910s! My short answer is Tesla will fail and electric bikes at best will be a novelty.


Chemistry evokes electrons small,
Horizons far; a tricky order tall-
Visionaries march towards carbon free!
Petroleum in tanks is all I see…

Combustion of a different sort – OK,
on distance none will waffle or be swayed.
The atoms in your battery get tired,
hours pass while charging fully wired…

Need a charge- those plugs are hard to find.
Armatures and staters on you mind;
Imitation noise a selling tool-
Valve adjustments? Never is the rule.

So saddle up! Then ride to windmill farm,
Visualize the energy, and harm.
Flaring and deep fracking is still best!
Internal fire rumbles on request….


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2 Responses to “Sparkie Rider”

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge Says:

    Ride away from meanie Big Oil to bigger meaner Giant Electric Company?
    Is anyone thinking and looking around with clear brains?
    Birds igniting in air (“Steamers”) over the freshly started giant solar farm. WInd Farms being given federal approval to kill a certain amount of eagles and raptors (who get caught in the blade turbulence or are so focused on prey, they don’t see the chopping blades. What happens if a person kills one eagle? Why did those plant get permission to build in the migratory path? ). And those lethal old used up electric batteries – where are all those going to go? (CA governor allows TESLA to violate EPA and environmental regulations if the company will build their battery production plant in CA….CA so concerned about the environment…does the public know the damage a battery plant does to the land? – worse than dry cleaning plant.
    Electric cars were discontinued for a reason long ago…
    (and don’t get me started on using food source like corn for fuel….garbage. Let’s try garbage. Plenty of that around)
    (Sorry for the rant, but what are people thinking?…sitting down now)

  2. mcpoems Says:

    Well said!

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