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Rider Wedding Blessing

April 12, 2013

Today we have a guest submission which is worthy of sharing. Guys, we must remember that there are only two things that hold our society together; the love of commitment we have for our wives, and riding motorcycles. OK, maybe not the riding thing. But the other thing is vital. She may not always love us, but we must always love her. A husbands’ love is a reflection of God’s love for all mankind. Period.

Thanks to our visiting rider poet John Meissner-

I have visited your Motorcycle poetry website in the past and wanted to share this with you.  I recently was the Best Man at a wedding for a very close friend and his wife.  All three of us are Harley owners and avid riders.  So, I was trying to find a way of working their passion for riding into my speech and came up with the following poem.  Thought it might be of use to other riders who find themselves giving speeches or toasts to the bride and groom at biker weddings.

May the roads you travel be trouble free,

clear of pitfalls, obstacles, and debris.

May love fuel your engines, and your tank never run dry,

so remember to show it often; or at least always try.

May kindness and compassion be the lubricant for any friction that comes along,

let forgiveness and understanding help to keep your love strong.

May you hold on tight, as you round each corner, and pave new roads together,

your love will steer you straight and true, through any kind of weather.

May you be mindful of the speed of life and the need for shifting gears,

knowing when to take things slow, as you enjoy the coming years.

For time will take its toll on your soft and youthful skin,

but always remember, beneath that leather, there’s a gentleness within.

May your love endure beyond the setting sun, as your future unfolds ahead,

So say “I Love You” each time you saddle up, and each time you go to bed.

To my brother Paul, my lifelong friend and Anita his beautiful bride,

May happiness and prosperity always find you, wherever you choose to ride.


Road Glide Haiku #2

August 28, 2012

This is Road Glide Haiku #2 because I can’t remember if I wrote a #1-. As most of you know, my humorous poems aren’t that funny; and this is another one. I really like the Harley Road Glide and would get one if I could figure out how to pay for it…


Road Glides cool but cost!

Just three types of Harley guys-

Good at math or lost.

Apocalypse Deluxe

July 27, 2012

Just noticed I hadn’t posted anything for July…
Many folks are concerned about the end of civilization this year. Solar flares, planet Nibiru, magnetic pole shift, asteroid impact and other catastrophic events. Since December 21, 2012 falls on a Friday – I figure I’ll hop on a leftover Harley Deluxe and cruise the open road. You don’t need to worry if you understand Psalm 23. I may even post a “New Yorker” style apocalypse riding poem soon!


Fear and loathing, time to prepare!

Rose-white Deluxe is tough to scare.

Most hide low, highways clear;

Accelerate in second gear.


December twenty-first arrived,

Panic packed and not contrived.

Speedometer, it mocks my idle stance;

Whitewalls rolling silver laces dance.


Tomorrow dawns another day,

Riders scoff at yesterday-

Twenty-two and skies are blue!

Cruising on towards Bar-B-Q.

The Harley Sale

April 12, 2012

Just to prove I’m actually working on something…
You don’t need me to tell you that most riders would love to own at least one ‘Big Twin’ Harley Davidson motorcycle. I know I would! But Harley’s are premium machines for several reasons and are out of reach for some ( like me ). So in the season of miracles, here’s to the Harley Sale!


A boy with panic in his eyes, cries out around our town-
Past barber shop and grocery store, the florist and the jail.
The news’ enough to chill your blood, apocalypse come down;
The Harley Store across the way, its bikes they are on sale!

To get there just drive down the street, towards Hen’s Teeth boulevard,
Then left two miles and on your right, high schoolers study hard.
Almost there; two plastic ducks adorn a public house-
Where Democrats, they learn to add; and deficits discard!

Across the road you’ll see the sign, new motorcycles shine,
Bright colors lure your hearts desire, chrome flashes in the glare.
Look closely and you’ll faint in place, red tags on big-twins fine;
Grown men do cry, and others kneel, to thank the LORD for care-

New Softails start at only nine, and Dynas less than eight!
Shocking prices sure to please, the buyers will stay late-
But suddenly there is a nudge, my ribs – a sharp and nasty pain;
She says “stop dreaming of a Harley Sale. They’re prices shall not wain,”
“just go and buy, for my sake please, ’tis sleep I must obtain!”

Convertible Command

April 16, 2011

Have you ever had your eye on a motorcycle that’s completely ‘out of your reach’ financially. No!? Well I have for sure! The new Harley Davidson Convertible (soft-tail family) is just about the most perfect motorcycle I’ve seen to date. Sleek lines, comfortable seat, BIG power, and just plain good looking. Oh, and BIG $$$ too! I may update this poem as it is a work in progress. An yes, don’t look for this poem in the New Yorker magazine poetry section either- the poetry editor won’t like it.


Carelessly it knifes the breeze,

conquers rolling hills with ease.

Asphalt flat salutes its reign-

sovereign ride for those who gain.


Big twin proud, one hundred ten,

throttle through the dragon’s den.

polished chrome on wheels so bright;

price tag large – my wallet lite!


Custom built up north you know-

King of Softails; seat real low.

Bags and glass can come; or no.

Convertible; a C-V-O!

Riding the Great Recession

August 13, 2010

The Great Recession of 2008-2010 continues unabated. Real unemployment approaches 16%; while the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve struggle to craft unique strategies to stem the malaise. Nothing seems to work – which is par for the course for Democrats.


Employment down, discouraged workers up;

Interest rates down, the price of gold is up-

Political mood down, wheat bushels up.

Miles ridden down, showroom count is up!


Cruising is a stimulus that always works for most;

If gas is in the tank, ride the long way to the coast!

Melody refined as the v-twin rumbles fine…

Odometer rolls on over prairie, through the pines.

Brother can you spare a Harley V-Rod?

Motorcycle Tweet #1

March 27, 2010

I’ve never used twitter, and that won’t change. But I was wondering what motorcycles would tweet if they were allowed to use twitter… Don’t even know if the following is in the correct format for a tweet-



my vance & hines are loud and grim

i’d rather hear a melodious hymm

Vance & Hines Rhyme #1

January 2, 2010

Big Radius,

Short Shots.

Better power-

Noise? – Lots!


V-Rod New Years

December 24, 2009

Plagiarized from Clement Clarke Moore (Twas the Night Before Christmas)

Twas the night before New Years and in the garage,

The V-Rod was stirring, parked next to the Dodge.

Its keys were hung neatly arranged on the rack,

I’d slip in a short ride – while they nibbled on snacks.


This cold night for sure – it demanded full dress,

A helmet and gloves, several layers no less.

I quietly rustled around for my boots,

Slipped on my chaps, my best friend in cahoots.


The door closed discretely as a TCLOCS was done,

All systems were readied it was time for some fun!

The engine turned over quite smoothly and quick,

I was off down the road with a thumbs up from Nick.


Just a mile or two – was all the time that I had,

I’d look at some angels, go back home – be a gad.

But what to my wondering eyes did appear-

Lights flashing behind me, some yelling – oh, Dear!


She opened the car door, and made such a clatter,

I shut down my hot V-Rod, to see what was the matter.

“You’ve ruined my party”, – all the neighbors could hear;

My arms fell around her, in regret – drew her near.


“It’s the V-Rod”, I whimpered; just a little white lie,

“It makes you jump on it – and ride?”; her reply.

Overhead there was rumbling, we looked up in full fear,

Air Force One flying over, flaps halfway and with gear!


Obama was waving and throwing out gifts,

“All America loves me, and my emotional lifts!”

He needed some prompting, seemed in love with himself,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!


A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know that our future was dread.

We stood there in wonder as he shouted to us-

“New health care taxation, no more cars – ride the bus!


My V-Rod rode angry as I made my way home,

The wife was a steamin’, when I got to the phone.

Our congressman listed intently at first-

But hinted there might be more news, yet the worst!


“You see, new environment laws will demand,

all gas burning engines may be banned in our land.”

This news was disturbing but taken in stride-

Happy New Year to all – forget Barry – Let’s Ride!

Rocker C Rhyme #1

December 15, 2009

In my opinion, the Harley-Davidson Rocker C is one of the finest looking motorcycles on the road today. I don’t have any other information on them as I’ve never ridden one. I’d be proud to have one through – but the price tag is pretty steep! Here’s a short rhyme about a great looking motorcycle.


Chopper line

Twins shine

Tail floats

Rider gloats