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Autumn Twilight Plinking

October 16, 2015

In the early part of Desert Storm, the U. S. Air Force was using the formidable F-111F to -plink- (squish) Sadam’s tanks. Plinking was accomplished using LASER guided smart bombs dropped from the F-111s. Last night, I was using my headlight to guide bugs to -plink-; ouch! And there really are bugs we call Love-Bugs here in Texas…


Sol’s autumn beams cast shadows long, he sets quite gently in the west;

my V-twin steed loafs anxiously awaiting throttle’s harsh requests.

Rain in spring and summer heat are parents to a plague replete-

with tiny aviators wings; hit my face and goggles, -plink-.

Air is crisp as engine torques, propels me through a dimming view;

light retreats along my way, sky dilutes to muted satin hues.

Rejoice! to ride in twilight clear, stars proclaim their ancient truth above-

Annoying thuds against my cheeks; gnats, flies and bugs called ‘Love’.

How is it then that I deserve, to taste majestic rolling bliss;

upon a rail quite finely tuned, Mazzaroth bestows her ancient kiss.

Committed to the path at hand, each twist and turn of road I think,

of hard forged steel with God’s Good Grace;

and flying bugs enduring each annoying -plink-.


Rolling Through Changes

September 20, 2014

The rock band REO Speedwagon once wrote a song called ‘Roll With The Changes’. The song has very important implications for today. Washington Society is pushing us to keep changing our founding fathers principles and traditions. I say they can keep the change; while I roll on through…

Available, an upgrade now,
Leading edge; free furrowed brow.
My V-twin pounds a steady beat,
Upgrades steel, with chrome that’s neat!

Better phones with faster texts,
Brighter lights; avoiding wrecks-
EPA’s much stricter rules…
got to buy some metric tools.

ISIS wants us all to pray,
to moon god parked down Mecca way.
Yeshua is my LORD to keep-
Fuel injector program leap;
When download done – the box will beep.

Minding Your Ride

May 20, 2014

Do you ever wonder how motorcyclists make decisions while they are riding? You’re in good company, because no one else does either… But in today’s philosophy of waisting time on pointless research, I thought it would be important to peal back the onion on a motorcyclist’s brain in action. A new low- I know already…


RADAR on the internet;
Forecast shows no front to fret-
Ride on roads not fully planned,
Text the friends with just one hand.

Dress the part and TCLOCS first,
Ready for the power burst-
Rendezvous agreed for start;
Caffeine races head and heart.

Search the road twelve seconds out,
Swerve and miss that tree branch stout!
Snap check fuel while scan on goes;
Spacing good, as traffic slows.

Adjust a mirror to better view,
Closing threats as throttle queues-
Roadway scan shows clear ahead,
Outside curve, then lean to thread.

Brain beyond the handlebars-
Sunshine bright or under stars,
Fleeting glance to left or right-
Creator’s goodness and His might.

The Chrome Palette

April 28, 2014

True motorcycle affectionados know that chrome is a bold accent to your ride with subtle yet perceptible tones. Chrome is not a clashing cymbal, but a brass ensemble of reflection and form costing thousands of both dollars and hours.


Does Tiffany’s define a cut of brighter hue,
Or swords of steel slice rain as thin or true?
My ventilator breathes in air with lungs of chrome;
Pedestrians glimpse flashes as I roam.

Cylinders are topped with flashy steel,
Exhaust pipes burn of blues and sprinkled teal.
Highway bars protect by blended white;
Yellow clouds dance on my chrome headlight.

Forks forged firm suspend with mirrored shine,
A frame of black and orange through prism fine-
Brake lights beam reflected back each time
Chrome spectrums tell the Maker’s story line.

Rider Wedding Blessing

April 12, 2013

Today we have a guest submission which is worthy of sharing. Guys, we must remember that there are only two things that hold our society together; the love of commitment we have for our wives, and riding motorcycles. OK, maybe not the riding thing. But the other thing is vital. She may not always love us, but we must always love her. A husbands’ love is a reflection of God’s love for all mankind. Period.

Thanks to our visiting rider poet John Meissner-

I have visited your Motorcycle poetry website in the past and wanted to share this with you.  I recently was the Best Man at a wedding for a very close friend and his wife.  All three of us are Harley owners and avid riders.  So, I was trying to find a way of working their passion for riding into my speech and came up with the following poem.  Thought it might be of use to other riders who find themselves giving speeches or toasts to the bride and groom at biker weddings.

May the roads you travel be trouble free,

clear of pitfalls, obstacles, and debris.

May love fuel your engines, and your tank never run dry,

so remember to show it often; or at least always try.

May kindness and compassion be the lubricant for any friction that comes along,

let forgiveness and understanding help to keep your love strong.

May you hold on tight, as you round each corner, and pave new roads together,

your love will steer you straight and true, through any kind of weather.

May you be mindful of the speed of life and the need for shifting gears,

knowing when to take things slow, as you enjoy the coming years.

For time will take its toll on your soft and youthful skin,

but always remember, beneath that leather, there’s a gentleness within.

May your love endure beyond the setting sun, as your future unfolds ahead,

So say “I Love You” each time you saddle up, and each time you go to bed.

To my brother Paul, my lifelong friend and Anita his beautiful bride,

May happiness and prosperity always find you, wherever you choose to ride.

Ninth Day Rider

February 8, 2013

With apologies to the memory of Paul Harvey


Eight sunsets faded starry black,
Yet one thing more creation lacks.
Roar and fury; V-twin style,
so on the ninth, absent guile-
God made His rider

A man who beats the rising sun,
Race empty streets for simple fun;
Checking tires and fluids show,
Each ride to work is stop and go-
As God made his rider

Patiently he waits with friends,
All night, a motor to attend-
Hours lost in fruitless stress;
Ride frantic for her birthday dress,
Cause God made a rider

On Sabbath days as glory shines,
Pavement low escapes its lines.
Rising praise for joyous hours;
Lifting eyes towards Heaven’s powers-
For simply this; God made a rider

Good Friday Rider

April 6, 2012

Should I ride on Good Friday? How important is the day?


Temptation sits in my garage,
It teases chrome and power,
Carelessly to chase the wind;
Blind to passing hours.

A day of work, of sweat and pain,
Two thousand years ago;
We overlook that sacrifice
about our business – go.

No need of somber countenance,
Towards Easter that we ride,
Yet hearts who listen on the road;
Know it’s them- for whom HE died.

The Thanksgiving Rider

December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving is many things to American motorcyclists. Hopefully they all take time to thank their Maker for the ride


Clouds roll in and block the blue,
Brisk breezes stiffen mornings’ hue;
Dead leaves remain of summers’ hope-still
hearts aflame ‘ with harvest’s thrill

Breath of life and helping hands are near,
Each day begins afresh with cheer;
Despite the rain or gloom, I choose to ride,
Defeating doubts – I cast aside.

Another year designed is coming to a close,
Blessings cry replacing loved ones in repose-
Thanksgiving to the Maker our souls sing;
Riding Fatboys, Furys and a trailing Triumph touring – to Him bring.

Angel on My Riser

October 15, 2011

If you ever wondered what mechanical, well, ‘wonder’ holds the handlebars to the triple-tree; it’s known as the riser. It rises off the triple-tree ( the long thingy that holds a motorcycles’ front wheel in place ). Anyway, as any frequent rider knows, there are a multitude of threats on the road from debris to rage to weather. Nobody is able to always counter all the threats; so there must be an angel riding on the riser… this is a work in progress as I may make updates.

Admin note: In case you can’t tell, this poem falls into the ‘Inspiration’ category.


A riser riding angel maintains vigil as I roam,

He’s with me as I wonder whether near or far from home.

Heavy throttle on the highway, or a quick stop near the light-

Making paths of mercy happen when distractions cloud my sight.

I can claim no satisfaction of the skill which I possess;

Only thankful of provision riding curves and hills with crests.

So as every ride assails me of those old familiar threats-

Attention, search and execute;

Riser angel catch the rest!

Alternate ending:

Riser angel keep me blessed!

Drachma Rider

June 17, 2011

As a nation, Greece has a legacy second to none. After all, three hundred Spartans held off the Persian horde in ancient times to keep the western culture free. But in the modern era, the Greek people have drifted from the hard working outlook of their ancestors. Too bad largesse has taken over their lifestyle; which cannot be sustained. Period.


Things in Greece are rough indeed,

retired at fifty; leisure the dream.

and as I ride my v-twin steed-

seek to know the social theme.


Democracy – in Greece was born,

Labor hard for harvest’s horn.

Spartan grit kept others free;

I shift to fourth, it pleases me.


Can homes exist without some strain,

or gardens’ bloom absent His rain?

Strange ideas; all bring pain-

I swerve to miss an oil stain.


A once proud nation; unresolved.

To make time pause; the earth revolves.

My ride remains, and sweeter still-

when at my work; a job until…