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November 30, 2012

All true motorcyclists appreciate gauges. They can be almost anywhere on a motorcycle, but are usually on the handlebars. Modern gauges are driven by computers using sensor data. Democrats don’t like gauges because they are usually honest and they don’t factor in whether or not you are ENTITLED to a good ride

Along life’s road of riding bliss,
fluids, pressures you won’t miss-
When gauges plenty are on hand;
to indicate performance bands.

Gasoline makes us cruise fast,
but quantity; will it last?
It flows from tanks with fancy paint,
my gauge will know when full; it ain’t.

On oil slippery, pistons slide;
pressure low will stop our ride.
Oil gauge to tell all’s well-
Sits on tank, it just looks swell.

So always know and never guess!
Voltages are more or less.
With fancy chrome or backlit bright;
More gauges are supremely right.


The Weak Battery

October 31, 2010

Little hints in life tell you things… like dark clouds indicating rain is coming, or when you were a kid and your sister kicks you under the table for taking the last chicken leg. ¬†Motorcycles are like that too – they do funny, unexpected things like when your battery starts to show its age.


Fitful starts,

headlight dim.

Trips reset-

outlook grim.


Information Technology Motorcycling

March 25, 2010

This week I visited the National Electronics Museum near the Baltimore, MD airport (BWI). It was interesting to see all the history of RADAR and some milestone microwave device displays. The concept of information technology [IT] has been around now for a long time ( > 20 years ) and we are still looking for that elusive return on investment for IT. But just because IT normally costs more than it is worth – doesn’t mean we can’t apply it to our riding experience. Case in point – GPS devices! Here’s to IT and motorcycles…


Key turned; a signal sent to say begin,

computer measures fuel.

Sensors read from both tires below,

two pressures say ‘we’re cool’.

Piston’s fire with tooled grace,

the feedback is concise.

Electrons flow from windings tight-

through circuits so precise.

New GPS reads signals weak

from high above my fun-

Release the brake, accelerate!

the lights behind say run.

The engine revs, improved for sure,

its power is neatly traced.

Intake refined and pipes are fit,

exhaust roars as I’m braced.

I speed away down streets I know-

a RADAR gun is aimed.

The officer, he smiles and shows

his computer has me blamed.

My signature upon a screen,

another signal on the roam-

I ride to buy detector new

my ticket beats me home.

Front Tire Wear

November 29, 2009

During pre-ride check notice tire wear,

right side looking ready but the left is bare.

Deep tread is lopsided towards the starboard side,

searching for some theories to explain divide.

Symmetrical for safety is objective fine,

but turning to the left bares a longer grind.

Is this the fate of riders on the modern road,

to wear out those new ‘fronters’ with uneven load.

It may be best for evens that a right I make,

Thus saving a few dollars from a left pressed rake.


Changing the Oil

November 27, 2009

Three thousand miles of smooth riding fun,

Oil turning dark, means my riding’s done.

Time to change the oil, oh, and find that nut,

Filter which brand, and the oil type rut.

Ten with ‘W’ 40 says the guide quite clear,

Old filter on too tightly, makes my tempter sear!

Adding three quarts plenty with all parts in place,

Run the motor gently till no leaks can trace.

Saved some of my money by the work I do,

Cleanup toxic remnants and the job is through.