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On the Ready Line

September 8, 2010

Sometimes you just want that old time, inefficient acceleration-


The mood can strike at any time,

an itch that just needs scratched-

To ride it out to the side-road light;

to stop and pause – on the ready line.


No malice felt as the red light beams,

A guest with horsepower new and fine-

No glance is needed as we wait,

as we wait for green – on the ready line.


A look ahead to clear the way,

no threats or children’s faces.

Accelerate to fifty quick-

Fierce torque, it rolls my wheels’ laces;

and feels fine from the ready line.


So if you ride a steed of steel,

with two wheels that roll aligned-

I’ll meet you there where the light is red;

first to fifty – from the ready line.


Green Light Casey

January 25, 2010

Was waiting for a light yesterday and had a ‘heavy breather’ pull up along side. Wish I had his displacement! Anyway, needless to say I couldn’t keep up with him but it was fun and loud under the interstate bridge! Since I didn’t win, it reminded me of Thayer’s poem about Casey.

(Plagiarized from ‘Casey at the Bat’ by ERNEST LAWRENCE THAYER)


The odds were pretty lousy as I idled on my ride,

A dark and heavy breather had rolled up on the right side.

I could tell he had more power by the noise exhausting forth,

And the sun was brightly shining; ┬áin my eyes – oh to face north!


I revved my smallish engine just a little to hold pride,

in response the earth it rumbled as the challenge was replied.

No words were ever spoken as we waited for the green,

I stared ahead and knew that my reflexes must be keen.


The cars approaching opposite – turned left as was their right,

Impatience grew for both of us as the seconds made their flight.

One obstacle before us was the lane just past the bridge,

A careful application, not full power by a smidge.


And suddenly the light was green – I beat him to the punch,

Perhaps my quickness and technique would help me eat his lunch.

Beneath the bridge the noise was loud, then engines had to slow,

The other lane still had the green and ours of red did glow.


But then our light – turned green and when the noise did tear the air,

As forty came, then forty five – just enough to show some flair.

My judgement was assuaged as his dark steed – it zoomed ahead,

His mighty engine roared on by, defeat it was his dread.


Oh! somewhere – like right here today the sun is shining bright,

And friendly riders run about, their hearts are clean and light.

On modest engines they do laugh and wave, as children shout,

But not today, you see, my mid-sized bike it got beat out!

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

December 7, 2009

High revolution,

X Ring chain.

Four stroke engine,

Speed like bullet train.

Fuel injected Kelhins,

Wheelee, stopee’ fame.

Around the track a’leanin,

Its a young man’s game.