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Sportsbike left turn

December 3, 2011

Sportbike rider rumbles in the left turn lane,
Pistons grumble freely, attitude distain.
Throttle breaks the idle with green arrow bright-
Accelerating smartly is the genre’s right;
Second gear transitions as the rider looks towards third-
Dreams of empty streets unfurled, a cruise without the herd.
Downshifts back regretfully, as a lineup snakes his way,
A paving crew relentlessly of labor slows this day.


Triumph StreetTriple #1

January 17, 2010

Designed for the street and turning fun,

Young man’s daring and 12 valves to run.

Water cooled three cylinder, responsive chain drive,

12,000 revolutions – no lead is contrived.

The chassis’s good for newbies or the local track,

Twin level oval sections exhaust the gas in back.

Two headlamps are distinctive near the big brass bars,

Your smiles will be prolific as you speed past cars.