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Emergency Broadcast Cruiser

November 7, 2011

Have you ever thought about the Federal Emergency Broadcast System? I think (translate speculate) that this ‘tool’ had its origin in the cold war [ see my cold war poem ‘Rider Who Stayed Out in the Cold’ ]. Anyway, if you think about it – what is the upside of an Emergency Broadcast System? Let’s pick a candidate federal emergency… hmmmm… how about a massive U.S. earthquake. OK, now let’s list the benefits of you being interrupted by the Fed’s telling you there has been a giant earthquake. If the earthquake occurred close to your location, is it like you won’t know there was a massive earthquake? If the earthquake was far away from your location, just what does the federal government want you to do? Start your hair on fire, run out of your house or workplace and stampede to the local grocery store and empty the shelves? There are other questions about this national advisory service. Did you see or hear anything from them on 911? No— Is there something CNN, FoxNews or CNBC won’t know? If a national emergency happened in the middle of the night, your tech ‘stuff’ should be off, right? ???


As I ride against the wind, advisories alert to know,

incoming missiles beyond apogee,

chances are they’ll make me glow.

Wheels roll through wet and dry, the feds alert is fake,

a possible event is practiced to a tee-

My triple-tree should have a greater rake!

Adding throttle for a pass, the system broadcast’s fine,

I’ll miss the news I cannot see,

Pipes loud to hear but shimmer, yes they shine.

Around the curve I press to turn, announcements very grim-

My V-twin roars a prayer to Thee;

Emergencies on highly polished chromed-out rims.


Convertible Command

April 16, 2011

Have you ever had your eye on a motorcycle that’s completely ‘out of your reach’ financially. No!? Well I have for sure! The new Harley Davidson Convertible (soft-tail family) is just about the most perfect motorcycle I’ve seen to date. Sleek lines, comfortable seat, BIG power, and just plain good looking. Oh, and BIG $$$ too! I may update this poem as it is a work in progress. An yes, don’t look for this poem in the New Yorker magazine poetry section either- the poetry editor won’t like it.


Carelessly it knifes the breeze,

conquers rolling hills with ease.

Asphalt flat salutes its reign-

sovereign ride for those who gain.


Big twin proud, one hundred ten,

throttle through the dragon’s den.

polished chrome on wheels so bright;

price tag large – my wallet lite!


Custom built up north you know-

King of Softails; seat real low.

Bags and glass can come; or no.

Convertible; a C-V-O!

Motorcycle at Pump Fourteen

February 26, 2011

Many of today’s motorcycles are throwbacks to styling of the 1940s and 50s. Things were slower and less efficient in those days; but many of us look back with longing for more of the human touch – instead of interacting with computers all the time. You would be greeted at the filling station under a painted gasoline sign by someone you knew. He’d ask about your family, while filling your tank he’d check your tires and oil. In the mean time you’d step inside to restock your saddle bags with necessities (junk food). Ah, the good old days.


Nostalgia haunts my ride’s design,

when gas was sold with painted sign.

Salute of cap then fill the tank,

the charge would never break the bank.


Attendants checked your tires and air,

and oil was viewed with special care-

A shine on tins and headlights bright,

refresh your kit, then cinch it tight.


Efficiency today is king,

quick stop with text or cell phone ring-

I look around the harried scene,

then swipe my card at pump fourteen.

asteroid impact biker

February 25, 2011

Some people don’t realize the asteroid threat to earth. It seems strange to many that a big rock could fall from above and crush their way of life. Well, if you’re one of those liberal democrats – you’d better listen up to your big brother! The Feds believe in it. They have allocated BILLIONS towards research to find and counter outer space threats. It’s very interesting that the Book of Revelation says one day a massive object will hit one of our oceans… Hopefully, I’ll be riding my motorcycle away from the impact zone! I thought I’d write this poem in e e cummings’ style


frights and ills beset us dearly

earthquakes floods and famines yearly

celestial peace it gives us light

except the asteroids smash us might


motorcycles quick they run

gas mileage fair when day is done

but can my steed outrun a stone

a mile wide from heaven thrown


listen close to scientists

they have the smarts and they keep lists

predictions say were safe today

but keep gas in your bike always


the stars may fall quite suddenly

tunguskas warning fresh you see

i ride to flee the impact zone

find higher ground to make my own

More than a Whisper

September 9, 2010

Nanci Griffith – that great female vocalist from Austin, TX, sings a song about needing more than a whisper of love. So I used her idea at the end of this free verse. Motorcycles can’t love you back. But they can give more than a whisper; especially when you twist hard on the throttle. Remember, this is free verse so rhyming wasn’t a priority (sorry).


Back-roads grim or sleek uptown lights-

sixth gear ride towards bumper lines harsh.

And thoughts drift back to bright flashes – long dim,

and brittle memories strewn down dusty lanes.


But suddenly, cleared in quick with red hot revs;

around wide curves without regret.

His ride it speaks with steady roar,

straight on – much more than a whisper.

Winter Cruiser Haiku

February 5, 2010

I forgot about the Haiku format for poetry and saw it posted the other day. So I read a little about the style and threw this up after a cold mid-winter ride.


Late winter wet chill

Bundle up for short ride thrill

Coffee cream and sugar

Traffic Rhyme #1

January 18, 2010

Stop and go-

friction zone;

to ride solo,

and alone!


Fast Food Cruise

November 16, 2009

He chose to ride quite late in life,

The family begged, “do the duffers plight”.

His patience tried beyond dispair,

Those sneaky trips to the dealers’ ware.

So now on cruise down a boulevard,

All eyes on him and his engine hard.

He cannot stop except for lights,

or french fries crisp in the drive through bright.