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Motorcycle Velocity

February 15, 2010

This poem comes from the frustration experienced by trying to drive close to the speed limit while on my motorcycle; yet having to deal with those drivers who seem to think that speed limits don’t apply to them or their vehicles. People don’t realize that their impatience gains them very little in today’s highway and road system. There is always a stoplight waiting for them ahead. And the fuel impacts! Think of the children!! ‘Hydes’ are your friends and neighbors – nice folks like the meek Dr. Jekyll who turn into Mr. Hydes on our streets and roads.


Fifty in a forty-five

for some, not fast enough-

they’re special and seems awful late,

They pass me in a huff.

At sixty in a fifty five,

with traffic I do flow;

Except for some at seventy,

I pain them don’t you know.

To creep along at twenty say,

the school, there on the right.

Their bumper is just feet away,

blind to the yellow lights!

Oh some sweet day a long time hence,

With patience I will ride.

Past houses, stores and schools – at speeds

without those raging ‘Hydes’.