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Drachma Rider

June 17, 2011

As a nation, Greece has a legacy second to none. After all, three hundred Spartans held off the Persian horde in ancient times to keep the western culture free. But in the modern era, the Greek people have drifted from the hard working outlook of their ancestors. Too bad largesse has taken over their lifestyle; which cannot be sustained. Period.


Things in Greece are rough indeed,

retired at fifty; leisure the dream.

and as I ride my v-twin steed-

seek to know the social theme.


Democracy – in Greece was born,

Labor hard for harvest’s horn.

Spartan grit kept others free;

I shift to fourth, it pleases me.


Can homes exist without some strain,

or gardens’ bloom absent His rain?

Strange ideas; all bring pain-

I swerve to miss an oil stain.


A once proud nation; unresolved.

To make time pause; the earth revolves.

My ride remains, and sweeter still-

when at my work; a job until…


Kuykendahl Volunteer Motorcycle Philosophy Forum

November 25, 2010

Firstly, the administration. In writing this poem, it turned out to be a piece of verse in what I term ‘The New Yorker School of Poetry’ – which is to say that it doesn’t really have consistent rhyme or rhythm. It’s more like free verse with a little rhyme. OK, enough admin. Do you ever need to commiserate with your associates? So do motorcyclists and bikers. I do it near Kuykendahl Road. Oh, and it is all volunteer work.


Not every day will you find us there, but pretty much-

we volunteer to solve the nation’s ills,

while settled back; above twin cylinders we ride;

near Kuykendahl Road to share our thoughts.


Some scars of Vietnam to heal, with grocery prices rising,

tattoos and smokes are often shared but not universally.

Handlebars make camaraderie,

as banter percolates discourse on riding best of breed.


So park your bike in the coffee shop lot,

no need to order, just show your face.

Grab a chair on the leeward side.

Politics and motorcycle talk proliferates apace.


Old heads who ride those Harleys proud,

and college grads with Hondas sneak upon the group in style-

Young guns on Kawasakis fast and true arrive without their reservations,

yet all mix to speak of weather, spouses and current tribulations.


Some days just two hold court to chat,

beside the traffic’s screech and clatter at the light.

A stealthy biker passes by; pipes loud!

which prompts more talk of who rides right.


Conservatives sit confident in their unruffled best,

our group it welcomes liberals and others; its our quest.

We, most of us; depart with sunset due- and carefully.

To ride creations wonder; then philosophize when day is new.

Bond Bubble Bobber

November 17, 2010

The definition of a ‘bobber’ style motorcycle is vague and ill-defined. Mostly a bobber is a stripped down bike (no chrome or fenders) with a very low seat and a raised fuel tank. Additionally, the bobber has relatively ‘fat’ tires and high handlebars so that the rider has to reach to put his hands on the handlebars. The core idea of a bobber is dark, minimalist, somewhat uncomfortable riding. ¬†Sounds like the fixed income market of 2010 to me! Hopefully, if you are reading this you already know what a bond bubble is…


Panic flows of dollars dear deposited in bonds,

fixed instruments of low returns most popular for today-

This bobber missing tins and guards, no chrome will shine it’s true;

A minimum of function Р or returns that are delayed.


A two year lists for almost naught,

The fives and tens, bare minimums at best-

A bobber goes along quite fine with few of the refinements,

But out of gas it quickly rolls into a state of rest.


Bobber tires are round and fat and full of pumped up air-

security investors seek, some paltry pay for play.

A minimum for both – of ride, percentage risk returns;

Praying for deflation in a oddly quiet way!

Precious Metal Motorbike

November 15, 2010

Since everyone is printing money in an attempt to save government pensions, it’s about time we invest in a motorcycle made of more valuable metals.


Inadequate the iron and chrome of yesterday’s machine,

One needs to see the value of a silver engine head;

and handlebars of platinum with a throttle made of gold.

Your paper money floats away – stock portfolios are lead.


The answer now, of course, is a ride of rare earth mass,

To offset printing presses here and in the Euro zone.

A seat of finest leather and the tooling is of brass,

Tires rolling smoothly though they are inflation prone.

Motorcycle Jobless Claims

August 20, 2010

Jobless claims continue to be higher than anyone likes. Washington has stimulated till the cows come home to apparently no avail. Why doesn’t everyone go out and purchase a motorcycle! That would benefit the economy in so many ways…


News is out again today, the jobless numbers grow;

Each stimulus, they fail to gain,

employment without blame to show.


Committing to a motorbike will answer all the wails!

Riding cool efficiencies and cutting traffic costs-

plus education profits and each license drives more sales.


We get more cars from off the roads,

and gain new buys of clothes and chrome;

as men and women working give us all a lighter load.