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Winter Riding Guilt (saluting e e cummings)

February 26, 2010

E. E. Cummings was a poet who wrote verse with little or no punctuation; which I have always found interesting. So I thought I might write a short verse about feeling guilty riding my motorcycle in the south during the winter months while my northern counterparts aren’t able. Well – there could be some guilt! I’m from up north and feel for those guys who can’t enjoy their rides during the ice season. Note alternate ending!


no ice or snow to mar my way

i roll the iron windward

the boys up north inside must stay

the guilt i feel is inward

despite the date and lack of heat

the pipes their noises please

the boys up north cannot compete

with a dry and temperate breeze

…. alternate ending

the boys up north cannot compete

but risk untimely sneezes