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Deep Future Riders

January 26, 2012

If you are a REAL motorcycle rider, you know of several esoteric riding issues that future generations need to know about. For instance, our riding prodigy living say, in the year 50000 AD need to know that once you exceed a width of 280mm on your back tire, your maneuverability goes down hill fast! Things like that… Old re-runs of Kudlow on CNBC won’t do the trick! So here’s a message to our far distant riding kin. Hope it gets passed along; except by The New Yorker poetry editor. I’m sure he/she will turn up their nose at this masterpiece


Yes we had bugs, back in the day of acid rain;

Fat and juicy – hit your face with frightening pain.

Fix we did but quickly, this menace great!

Before our eyes a screen of plastic plate.


Quiet creepers cruising down our roads,

Sneaking up upon – distracted texting traffic foes!

Install those pipes of shiny chrome and wrap;

Announce arrivals before an impact flap.


V-twin motors burn the carbon hot!

AlGore’s global warming – is our lot.

Last winter was a cold one; don’t you know…

High test fill-up once again; then go-

Accelerate past Starbucks just for show.