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Power Played PerfectionĀ 

September 13, 2015

Diesel engines used on large commercial vessels can be four stories high and produce one hundred thousand horsepower. Nitrous bottles blow v-8 engine power bands well past the normal ranges. Converion kits allow trucks to burn natural gas. But the key to all these platforms of pulsation is knowing precisely when to tap the torque.


Cruise quietly before the dusk of dawn,

Solitude and steady pace ride on-

Light ahead still green; it tarries bright,

Torque moment rips the tacky throttle tight.


Pokey metal pachyderms who steal,

Precious moments; dolts behind their wheels.

Cell phones plastered to their deafened ears,

Passing slot is leveraged smoothly cleared.


Highway myriads a matrix make,

Merging power plays of give and take.

Accordion we move then slow once more

RPMs rev tapestries towards freedom’s shore.


Photon Powered Pistons

September 1, 2011

Sadly, this past week a White House touted solar cell company in California went bust. Solar technology is THE brass ring to green energy, but it seems we just can’t get there today. OK – let’s be realistic. Keep working towards the solar solution; fine. But don’t try to sell an energy pig in a poke today. Get it right, then bring it to market PLEASE!! In the mean time I’ll use my gas and pistons to ride-


Ceasless progress below the sun,

knowing more efficient fun.

Silicon with volts comprise;

gadgets without gas surprise-

Today my ride on pistons – flys!


Panels capture sunlight bright,

built in factories clean and tight.

Lefties mouth a future fine,

except for costs; a cautious sign!

Today my ride on pistons is devine.


Learn we must to use the light-

that God provides and is delight!

Toil on to find the sunshine key;

Electrons flow from sand for free!

Today my ride on pistons set at fifty-two degrees.

Motorcycle Essence

March 11, 2010

It is very difficult to pin down, in verse – the quintessence or crux of why motorcycling is so enjoyable. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s not for lack of effort. In fact, the following poem took me almost fifteen minutes to compose!


Cars with big horses,

diesel trucks with more torque;

Power boats float their courses-

My front wheel’s in a fork.


Metal shell for protection,

long bed holds; does the haul-

Fishing talk, conversation,

fuel per mile – rather small.


Extra gadgets, more glisten,

get you there, ‘knowing’ style!

But I feel every piston

and remember each mile.


Motorcycles; the essence,

road and wind; riding low.

Gas and air mix beneath you,

and some chrome just for show.

Honda Goldwing Rhyme #1

January 2, 2010

Quiet power,

Smooth ride.

Two-up safely-

Snazy hide.


Vance & Hines Rhyme #1

January 2, 2010

Big Radius,

Short Shots.

Better power-

Noise? – Lots!