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Bright Rider Ballad

September 10, 2012

Some riding cultures have a dark aspect. But black clothes, jackets, and other accessories make you hard to see at night; and even in the daytime. I prefer the brighter side of riding for several reasons.


Dull helmet on a blacked out steed,

accelerating loudly,

inky jackets boast their deeds,

Pounding on, so proudly.


Others cruise on bikes that gleam,

cheerful blooms within the traffic beat.

Flashing bright the sunlight beam-

Gloves of white defeat the heat.


Safety is its own reward,

See and avoid is true!

Brightly gleam a cheery chord-

Reflecting prism hues.


Red Light Runners

February 27, 2012

On my perch at the local Starbucks one can see many interesting traffic events and anomalies. Red light running seems to be a growing problem. People don’t want to slow and wait their turn. Imagine that! I predict it won’t improve because societal stress isn’t going away. So here’s to those who can’t seem to slow as the intersection light goes amber.


Dump trucks, SUVs and motorcycles too,

At intersections meet; to safely pass on through.

But danger lurks with amber lights;

resentment blooms at traffic slights.


Late or rushed or just plain mad-

ignoring cues; the speeding lad,

demands his rights and faster goes-

under red for other’s woes!


No metal cage or bags of air,

protect the biker, right and fair.

Red Light Runners aim to kill-

Collisions sudden trump your skill.

Angel on My Riser

October 15, 2011

If you ever wondered what mechanical, well, ‘wonder’ holds the handlebars to the triple-tree; it’s known as the riser. It rises off the triple-tree ( the long thingy that holds a motorcycles’ front wheel in place ). Anyway, as any frequent rider knows, there are a multitude of threats on the road from debris to rage to weather. Nobody is able to always counter all the threats; so there must be an angel riding on the riser… this is a work in progress as I may make updates.

Admin note: In case you can’t tell, this poem falls into the ‘Inspiration’ category.


A riser riding angel maintains vigil as I roam,

He’s with me as I wonder whether near or far from home.

Heavy throttle on the highway, or a quick stop near the light-

Making paths of mercy happen when distractions cloud my sight.

I can claim no satisfaction of the skill which I possess;

Only thankful of provision riding curves and hills with crests.

So as every ride assails me of those old familiar threats-

Attention, search and execute;

Riser angel catch the rest!

Alternate ending:

Riser angel keep me blessed!

Road Reader Rider

June 18, 2011

If you ride a motorcycle, you need to remember to read the road as a first priority. Because you are more vulnerable than a four wheeled vehicle, roadway threats like potholes or debris can really ruin your day. Motorcyclists must maintain vigilance and read the road with diligence!


On motorcycles lean and quick,

look you must; some spots are slick.

Scooters, mopeds, sleds and trikes;

inspect the road, when you ride bikes.


Concrete may be new and bright,

but potholes bite in morning light.

Orphan bricks may give you fright-

headlight beam to search at night!


Faulty asphalt placed by crews,

may feature views of you – on news.

Rain falls gently in your path,

while pickups pass with raging wrath!


To ride a curve takes strategy,

inside-out makes tragedy.

the slope and size, on entry know;

of radius, before you go!


Abandoned boards will slap your wheel,

and toss you off your hard won deal.

So if you ride a v-twin steed;

read the road – always; Indeed!

The Parking Decision

February 26, 2010

Parking your motorcycle is actually a big part of motorcycle ownership. Each time you ride your bike you have to stop and park somewhere… and that is an important decision with respect to bike care and maintenance. Finding a spot with the optimum geometry (slight forward rise and just a hint of left lean) gives the motorcycle the best stability. You want to park away from wind and other drivers if possible. Some thought is needed when parking! As far as the poem goes, I’m still not satisfied with the third section. Any suggestions?


Along the curve, by fence or post

away from other cars;

Beside the sign with space for most,

No symmetry that mars.


Protected space from wind is best,

a shelter from the rain.

Garage each night for slumber rest,

no rust or dents is gain.


The grade, a shallow rise just right;

to lean it on side left.

A concrete surface is – delight,

or rock, a safety cleft.


For every stop, decide I must,

a place to park my ride.

A quick escape for wonderlust,

dry parking spot abide.


November 16, 2009

Reliable Steed with closed shaft drive,

Genuine feel and Milwaukee pride.

Clean engineering with latest tech,

Cost is the driver, rocket pet.

Basic Rider Course – then you choose,

Safety first; if not you lose!