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Sparkie Rider

August 26, 2014

Motorcycle news has been full of electric motorcycle products for many months. Harley-Davidson was the latest to showcase an electric ride. Now personally, I’m all for improving technology, but when limited range is combined with hours and hours of recharging… Well, didn’t we visit this issue back in the 1910s! My short answer is Tesla will fail and electric bikes at best will be a novelty.


Chemistry evokes electrons small,
Horizons far; a tricky order tall-
Visionaries march towards carbon free!
Petroleum in tanks is all I see…

Combustion of a different sort – OK,
on distance none will waffle or be swayed.
The atoms in your battery get tired,
hours pass while charging fully wired…

Need a charge- those plugs are hard to find.
Armatures and staters on you mind;
Imitation noise a selling tool-
Valve adjustments? Never is the rule.

So saddle up! Then ride to windmill farm,
Visualize the energy, and harm.
Flaring and deep fracking is still best!
Internal fire rumbles on request….


Information Technology Motorcycling

March 25, 2010

This week I visited the National Electronics Museum near the Baltimore, MD airport (BWI). It was interesting to see all the history of RADAR and some milestone microwave device displays. The concept of information technology [IT] has been around now for a long time ( > 20 years ) and we are still looking for that elusive return on investment for IT. But just because IT normally costs more than it is worth – doesn’t mean we can’t apply it to our riding experience. Case in point – GPS devices! Here’s to IT and motorcycles…


Key turned; a signal sent to say begin,

computer measures fuel.

Sensors read from both tires below,

two pressures say ‘we’re cool’.

Piston’s fire with tooled grace,

the feedback is concise.

Electrons flow from windings tight-

through circuits so precise.

New GPS reads signals weak

from high above my fun-

Release the brake, accelerate!

the lights behind say run.

The engine revs, improved for sure,

its power is neatly traced.

Intake refined and pipes are fit,

exhaust roars as I’m braced.

I speed away down streets I know-

a RADAR gun is aimed.

The officer, he smiles and shows

his computer has me blamed.

My signature upon a screen,

another signal on the roam-

I ride to buy detector new

my ticket beats me home.