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Traffic Symphony #2

October 9, 2015

Traffic is getting worse all the time. My motorcycle feels it.


Yield signs, crosswalks, right turn only lanes;
chronic victims texting without looking through their panes-
Stop and go methodically, my V-twin’s heating up,
Turning into coffee shops, abruptly for to sup-

Brake pads wearing rapidly, down to sliver size-
Harsh acceleration thins synthetic oils’ prize.
Highway backups spill into the side-streets evermore…
Politicians promise funding fixes; vaporize galore.

Right wrist sore from flexing lever constantly, to slow-
Glaring green defeated by a towers’ data flow.
“Love thy neighbor always friend”, the Lord has spoken thus…
Otherwise we’d find them neatly tucked below some bus-


Sportsbike left turn

December 3, 2011

Sportbike rider rumbles in the left turn lane,
Pistons grumble freely, attitude distain.
Throttle breaks the idle with green arrow bright-
Accelerating smartly is the genre’s right;
Second gear transitions as the rider looks towards third-
Dreams of empty streets unfurled, a cruise without the herd.
Downshifts back regretfully, as a lineup snakes his way,
A paving crew relentlessly of labor slows this day.

Traffic Rhyme #1

January 18, 2010

Stop and go-

friction zone;

to ride solo,

and alone!


New Years Eve Morning

December 31, 2009

The traffic much lighter,

less hurried the pace.

Most people are sleeping-

a break from the race.

Vacations are taken-

the end of the year!

Anticipate football,

lost touchdowns the fear.

Despite the cold weather,

cloudy skies and the fog-

A V-twin a- ridin’;

and more miles will I log.